Our Mission

We envision a secure, sustainable, and inclusive food system as one in which our farms and food businesses are both ecologically and economically viable, our agricultural lands are supporting a much larger percentage of Lane County’s food needs, and all members of our community have access to locally grown and raised foods. We believe that a strong local food system contributes to the integral health of our entire community and we work to facilitate greater understanding of the social, economic, and environmental impacts of our food choices.


Board of Directors

Kait Crowley
Board President
Owner/Swineherd, PK Pastures

As a first-generation farmer, I began my career in sustainable agriculture over a decade ago from a deeply-felt conviction that local food production is the root of human flourishing and healthy communities. Simply put, I farm to feed people the beautiful, nutrient-dense food we all deserve. On our farm we strive to make our products available to the widest audience of eaters we can and to steward the land in a regenerative way, but individual efforts are only one piece of a much larger puzzle. It’s in our collective work that we’re able to make meaningful strides towards food justice, food equity, and food security. I’m honored to serve on the WFFC Board of Directors to advance these causes with my fellows.

Jenni Timms
Vice President
Owner, Fair Valley Farm

Growing up in Texas, the highlight of my summer was our annual visit to family in Eugene. I remember snacking on cherries at the farmers market, picking fresh veggies and berries in my grandfather’s garden and preparing delicious meals with my grandmother. Little did I know that years later I would be farming in the same area that first sparked my love for fresh, locally grown food. I have seen firsthand the impact that WFFC makes, as it was pivotal in helping us reach local eaters when we started our small farm. I am proud and honored to be a part of an organization that does so much to help spread the local food message through our community.

Doug Edwards
Board Treasurer/ Secretary
Retired Attorney

I moved to Eugene from Austin in 2015 with a plan to work on sustainability issues. WFFC provides a wonderful opportunity to address sustainability through the connection of locally-sourced food with local consumers. More locally-sourced food leads to less food being shipped in, a stronger local economy, and a more resilient and healthy community. And, of course, locally-sourced food simply tastes better. I still remember my first taste of a garden-fresh tomato, and wondering why we ate any other kind. I look forward to working with WFFC and seeing what we can continue to do to help make the local food system more accessible to everyone.



Rachael Ward MPH, PMP
Program Coordinator

Rachael Ward has served as the Program Coordinator for WFFC since January 2020. Prior to her current role she was the Event Coordinator for Fill Your Pantry in Fall of 2019. Rachael brings 9 years of experience in the nonprofit sector at the intersection of nutrition, agriculture, and public health. When she's not working with WFFC, Rachael serves as a Project Manager for Farmers Market Coalition where she helps farmers markets, farm stands, and CSAs offer nutrition incentive programs (like Double Up Food Bucks) across the country.



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